About Us

Department of Mathematics in Rijeka was founded in 1960 as a department on the Faculty of Educational Sciences (since 1998 the Faculty of Philosophy), which was to become in 1973 one of the four founding faculties of the University of Rijeka.

Department of Mathematics, as a separate institution and a modern university department, was established on April 1, 2008, based on the Decision of establishment of the University Departments, which was passed by University of Rijeka’s Senate on 17 December 2007. The Department of Mathematics along with the former employees of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has a tendency toward assembling others mathematicians University Constituents from University of Rijeka. Thereby, the first cycle study programme in mathematics and the second cycle study programme in mathematics and computer sciences become studies of the University of Rijeka which are organised and conducted by the Department of Mathematics.

It is situated in a new building on the University Campus with a lot of office, classroom and laboratory space, well equipped with computer and other equipment. There are 29 researchers, professors and assistants, constituting three research groups: the algebra and number theory group, discrete mathematics group, and mathematical analysis group.